Bottom milling machine SF 450

The bottom milling machine is equipped with an aluminium tapping trolley in the length of 1200 mm. The all-cast iron unit of the machine has the possibility of lifting and tilting in the range of 90 – 60 degrees, which is provided by a pair of segments (crescents). On request, with slats that the suction cover can be equipped with an aluminium ruler exactly copy the shape of the machining tool. Transverse and upper spring pressure ensure a perfect guidance of the machined material. For tapping, the machine is equipped with a transverse angle ruler with extension and material locking. The spindle speed is changed by adjusting the multi-groove belt on a stepped pulley. Thanks to these parameters, it is a very universal carpentry milling machine with a wide range of uses. As with the OP 201 saw, the stand is equipped with tilting castors.

- power unit with 2.9 kW motor

- all - cast iron aggregate

- speed range 3000 - 8000 1 / min

- spindle tilt in the range of 90 - 60 °

- very rigid tapping trolley

- castors

Table size (W x L) 630×1200 mm
The size of the tapping table 320×1200 mm
Working height 850 mm
Spindle diameter 30 mm
Spindle length 130 mm
Spindle stroke 70 mm
Max. tool diameter 220 mm
Spindle speed 3, 4, 6, 8000 1/min
Spindle tilt 90 – 45
Travel of the tapping table 1200 mm
Electric motor
3x400V, 50 Hz 3 kW
Speed 2860 rpm
Weight 195 Kg

Bottom milling machine SF 450/1200 2,9kW CE

Formatting table length 1200mm
85 266 including VAT
  • All-cast iron aggregate
  • Suitable for a small workshop