Hand-held fruit presses are used to extract juice from fruits such as apples and grapes. The fruit needs to be crushed or at least cut into small pieces before pressing. The press is made of beech wood. The drip tray is made of food-grade stainless steel, screw and fasteners are made of coated steel. The crushed fruit is placed in a textile bag, then the juice is pressed by turning the spindle. Pressed juice isn´t in direct contact with metal. The basket of the largest 40-litre press is split to remove the remaining debris more easily. The package includes 6 spacers for more efficient work. One textile bag is included. To get a delicious homemade juice, you are missing only fruit…


Fruit crusher DON is an ideal aid in the pressing of fruit juices. It is powered by any conventional drill electric machine. The only crusher on the market where you can influence the consistency of the crushed mixture. By prolonging the crushing time, the mixture becomes mushier and by shortening it becomes coarser. The vessel has a volume of 20 litres and holds about 8 kg of fruit per cycle. The quantity of the resulting pulp, while crushing a full container of apples, corresponds to 10 litres press basket. It can be used primarily for processing apples and grapes, but it can be used to crush any other fruit or vegetables. All parts which are in contact with fruit are made of stainless steel. Fruit crushing is very quick and easy.