We are the Czech manufacturer in the field of joinery and furniture with more than 60 years of tradition, which has always been associated with products of high quality and utility value. WE MANUFACTURE according to specific requirements or processed project documentation. WE OFFER services in the production of custom furniture and other above-standard interiors, including veneered furniture. The new Solid system innovates the existing ETK office furniture range. Due to the evolving requirements of the Solid furniture market, we meet the modern concept of an office workplace with many new elements and new laminate designs.

SC - SOLID Classic

The SOLID classic base consists of two “T” -shaped metal legs connected by a laminated board on both sides, which also serves as a foot curtain. A table top is mounted on the metal booms. The bases are surface-treated with Komaxit powder paint in various shades. Their surface is scratch-resistant. The metal legs are equipped on the inside with removable covers for routing and hiding cables. The metal outer cover is also removable. At the bottom of the base are height-adjustable rectifying screws to level the correct position of the table.

SD - SOLID Standard

If you like privacy, you will appreciate that the SOLID standard base on the front and sides is made of solid boards. In the lower part, the base is equipped with plastic glides. The thickness of the base plates is 18 mm, the thickness of the work plates is 25 mm.


The SOLID cube base is welded from a steel closed square profile 40 x 40 mm – steel profile. The tables can be supplemented with a legs curtain. Negotiating extensions and connecting elements are connected by special fittings. All metal elements are powder-coated, abrasion and scratch-resistant. At the bottom of the base are height-adjustable rectifying screws to level the correct position of the table. Legs screens for SB tables – with a “U” base are made of 18 mm thick laminated boards on both sides. They are fixed with metal brackets to the table cross member.

Table tops, fasteners and meeting extensions are designed for optimal use of the work surface. Their thickness is 25 mm. They are made of laminated on both sides’ boards.
The boards are in accordance with the E-1 standard, tested according to the European standard DIN 4554 (they do not contain harmful substances, they are free of formaldehyde).
The surface is resistant to loads, which arise during office activities. The edges of the boards are equipped with a 2 mm ABS edge.

SF - SOLID Konference

The thickness of the boards is 25 mm. The boards are mounted on the supporting conference legs using screws. The height of the tables is 75 cm.
The basic support legs are made of steel tube with a diameter of 60 mm. The tubes of the central legs are made of a steel tube with a diameter of 80 mm. The surface treatment of the support legs is made of high-quality powder paint. The surfaces are resistant to damage in normal office operation.


Containers are an integral element of tables and table sets. Their advantages are mobility and various possibilities of using storage space. Accessories are accessories for internal equipment for sorting work needs and personal belongings. Body plates, drawer fronts and top plates (lids) are 18 mm thick. For port containers, the thickness of the top plate (lid) is the same as the table top, it is 25 mm. The sockets are plastic or metal. It is possible to equip them with partitions. The locking is either central for all drawers or only the top drawer can be locked. The load capacity of the drawers is 25 kg. The fitting of containers with metal drawers is the Hettich brand with a lock, which prevents the extension of more than one drawer and prevents the container from tipping over. The design is on wheels or on gliders. Their height is 614 mm (on wheels) and 548 mm on gliders. The height of port containers is 750 mm.


Cabinet bodies are made of double-sided melamine-coated boards, including 18 mm thick doors. The design of the back is in the same pattern with a thickness of 8 mm. The door is loaded on the body, the top plate is offset over the door, free shelves adjustable. The front edges of the cabinets, shelves and doors are provided with an ABS edge with a thickness of 1 mm. Other edges, including the lower edges of the plinths, are glued with an edge.

Locking cabinets up to a height of 109 cm is a reed lock to the top plate, for cabinets 140 and higher with a three-way lock. The height of the glass door without the lock is 72 cm and 109 cm. Cabinets can be supplied without a plinth or with a plinth 7 cm high. Cabinets and plinths are fitted with PVC gliders. The colour of the plinth depends on the colour of the body of the respective cabinet. The files are equipped with metal drawers for hanging boards.

Inserts for cabinets, hanging and mirror walls and wall shelves are made of 18 mm thick laminated boards on both sides.  The table and free-standing screens are made of 25 mm thick laminated boards on both sides.  There are 2 types of metal PC holders. The SC-8036 holder is intended for SC – Solid classic workbenches. It uses vertical gaps in the base structure. The PC holder SP-8037 is intended  for the remaining tables on offer – SP, SB and SD.


Board parts of cabinets, filing cabinets and containers are made of double-sided laminated boards in thicknesses of 18 mm, back 8 mm and top boards of port cabinets 25 mm. The processing corresponds to the E-1 standard, without formaldehyde.


The standard of dimensions is according to European standards (height and width). Height modules are - 720, 750 (port to tables), 1089, 1440, 1809 and 2160 mm. Cabinet widths are 400, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm.


The design includes shelf cabinets with doors, shelf cabinets without doors, wardrobes, combined cabinets, filing cabinets, cabinets with roller shutters and cabinets port to tables. Depending on the type of door, there are cabinets with hinged doors and sliding doors. They are equipped with a lock as standard.


Cabinets are delivered on a glider as standard. Furthermore, on the adjusting screws for setting on an uneven floor, where the rectifying screws are accessible from inside the cabinet. The cabinets can be delivered on a wooden plinth with a standard height of 70 mm.


The cabinets use plastic height-adjustable glides accessible for adjustment from inside the cabinet. The adjustment height is approx. 15 mm. The top plate is 25 mm thick and is equipped with a 2 mm thick ABS plastic protective tape.


The internal arrangements of the cabinets are either ordinary shelves, pull-out filing frames, drawers or wardrobe elements such as a rod and a pull-out holder for hanging clothes hangers. In the bottoms of cabinets can be locking elements to compensate for uneven floors. The standard hinges are 110 ° for the door opening angle. All visible edges are fitted with 1 mm thick ABS plastic protective tape. The body is glued and pressed with a firmly built-in back. The design of the back is identical on both sides to the body, so the cabinets can also be built into the space. Cabinets that exceed 100 cm in width are equipped with a vertical central partition.


For filing cabinets, the roller is guided in milled guide grooves and is folded into a profile guide screw on the side of the filing cabinet. This snail occupies about 20 cm in width


They are equipped with metal drawer bodies with a quality 100% extension (travel), which guarantees a load capacity of 60 kg per drawer. The carriage (Hettich) is in a ball guide. This guarantees stability and long life. Multiple pull-outs of drawers, except for one, is prevented by a central blocking - fuse. The cabinets are equipped with a central lock.