UMDS II – composite woodworking machine

The third generation of the composite woodworking machine combines functional and aesthetic improvements. This radical change is due to the constant interest of users in this type of machine. A fundamental change from the original version is the assembly of the machine aggregate into a cassette-type stand, as you know it in our products of the professional WMASTER series. This brings an increase of 40 mm in the woodworking area, which is positively reflected especially in the comfort of the operator, better protection of the engine against sawdust and dust, and last but not least better machine stability. New are also improved attachments. The mortising device is now equipped with a perpendicular stop for mortising from the front. When it is set to the correct position, the verticality of the drilled holes is guaranteed. You will notice innovations on the guide rulers with the saw adapter too. Whether it is a lengthwise or transverse angle ruler, you always have the perfect cutting guide. Another bonus is the design of the machine in popular anthracite colour. Knowing what and how we manufacture, we have given you an extended warranty of 3 years from the date of sale.

However, some features of the machine retained. These include in particular the universality of use, the quality of the material used, the low space requirements and the permanent utility value.

The basic version of the machine consists of a grader, broaching machine and front sander. The machine unit is fitted with a 3-phase 1,5 kW motor. The machine stand has rectifying feet at its bottom, which can be easily replaced with kipping wheels. This is especially useful in small spaces where you need to move the machine frequently.

Broaching feed rollers automatically feed material. They are driven by a sophisticated transmission system derived from the grinding wheel drive. It is converted to a speed of 6 m/min. The rollers automatically adjust to the thickness of the planed material.

The top tables of the grader allow the material to be aligned along the guide ruler, which is also angularly adjustable. This allows you to cut edges at 45° in no time. Long planks should be supported by auxiliary support rollers.

The grinding wheel has a diameter of 270 mm and is suitable for the final sanding of wood. There are several abrasive paper grades available with Velcro. This allows you to change the abrasive paper according to the required grain size. New in the assortment is the folding table of the grinder, which enables lengthwise grinding of cuts up to 45°.

58 692,- Kč

Additional adapters

An optional circular saw allows you to cut lengthwise and transverse sawing wooden materials. The rip fence is locked at both ends, making it very stable and ensuring an accurate lengthwise cut. Adjusting the rip fence to the other of the pair of guide bars gives you a transverse angle ruler. The cutting height is infinitely controlled up to a cutting height of 55 mm with a circular saw blade of 250 mm.

7 225,- Kč

The mortising machine attachment is mounted on the broach table of the basic machine. An additional strut ensures sufficient rigidity even while working with larger parts. You can use this machine for precise drilling and lengthwise mortising of wooden materials. The crosstable is equipped with stops in the lengthwise and transverse directions. This greatly facilitates the work of machining a plurality of identical parts. The machine is now equipped with transverse and lengthwise support that ensures the exact position of the workpiece.

5 634,- Kč

The milling adapter is attached to the cross table of the mortising machine with 4 screws. This is locked in the lengthwise direction for milling. The position of the cutter relative to the machined material is continuously adjusted by setting the stroke of the broaching table and setting the mortising machine cross table in the transverse direction. From the wide range of milling cutters, we recommend a flooring set with tongue and groove connection, cylindrical milling cuter for “falc”, bevel cuter for chamfering at 45°, eventually radius concave cutter for rounding edges and radius convex cutter to form a bulge. The cutters are clamped in a drill chuck.

2 927,- Kč

It complements our range of accessories for the UMDS II woodworking machine, but it can also be used universally for machines from other manufacturers. Thanks to the folding design, it doesn’t interfere in the workshop when it is not needed and at the same time, it can be easily loaded into the car for use on assemblies. At the point of the joint, there is a hanging hook for hanging weight to gain maximum possible stability. The roller can be locked by use of a locking screw, which can be used with the other drill-stand to create a work table.

The folding table enables the grinding of material at the required angle up to 45°. The work table is made of a solid 2 mm steel shirt. Compared to the previous version, the surface is galvanized, which results in better sliding properties and higher resistance to damage. The table is also compatible with the previous model UMDS 2A.

1 851,- Kč

UMDS II – Basic design
Blade-shaft dimension 100 mm
Blade-shaft length 250 mm
Number of blade-shafts 3 ks
Rotation speed of blade-shafts 3 500 min-1
Feed rate 6 m/min
Max. height of thicknessing 60 mm
Max. depth of straightening 250 mm
Max. taking of materials by thicknessing 2,5 mm
Max. taking of materials by straightening 3 mm
Length of the grader table 600 mm
Length of the grader table 1040 mm
Length of the thicknesser table 540 mm
Height of the grader table from ground 840 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 270 mm
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 250 min-1
Grinder table dimension 440 x 100 mm
Machine dimension (h x w x l) 600 x 500 x 800 mm
Weight 88 kg
Engine power 1,5 kW
Rotation speed 1 400 min-1
Voltage/frequency 400V/50Hz
Shape IM B3
UMDS II – Circular saw
Table dimensions 700 x 496 mm
Circular saw blade dimension 250 mm
Rotation speed of circular saw blade 3 500 min-1
Max. height of cut 55 mm
Weight of complete adapter 14 kg
UMDS II – Mortiser
Max. drill shank diameter 16 mm
Max. drill hole diameter 20 mm
Max. drill hole depth 85 mm
Max. length of mortise 85 mm
Clamping table dimensions 145 x 220 mm
Vertical table setting 60 mm
Weight of complete adapter 13 kg
UMDS II – Milling machine
Table dimensions 470 x 230 mm
Supporting ruler dimensions 450 x 190 mm
Max. chuck clamping diameter 16 mm
Tools diameter to 40 mm
Tools clamping diameter 6 mm
Tools stop diameter 10 mm
Weight of complete adapter 7,2 kg
Total weight with all adapters Including packaging 143 kg


The composite machine UMDS II is the right choice for you. The machine takes up very little space and at a time when you just don’t use it, you don’t know about it. Just move it somewhere in the corner or to the wall. Thanks to the combination of several functions, you will appreciate the machine whenever you start your project. Whether it is the production of fences, tiles, floorboards, windows and door frames, cribs and beds, beehives, various shelves, laths and mouldings, garden benches and tables, pergolas, wooden toys, the UMDS II is the right choice. It offers you the comfort of complete processing of solid wood at a fraction of the cost of individual machines.

Offered accessories, especially individual adapters, only extend the possibilities of use of the machine. When processing solid wood, at first it is necessary to align the machined material. This is done by a grader with a broaching machine. Next, cut the material to the required size, which is achieved with a circular saw adapter. This material is then provided with fasteners using a mortising device, whether for drilling holes or dowels, as well as for creating mortising. In many cases, it is necessary to chamfer edges on parts prepared in this way. This is done by a milling adapter supplemented with shaped tools. This can also be used to create various grooves and rebates. The final operation is wood sanding using an integrated sander disk.

There are several options for handling the machine. In the case of moving the machine only in the workshop, it is advisable to provide the machine with kipping wheels, on which at the bottom of the machine threads are prepared. Kipping wheels can be purchased in any better hardware store. If you need to handle the machine outside the workshop, it is advisable to transport the machine by using a trolley… Another possibility is to insert 2 chips (at least 5 x 5 cm) into the broaching machine and carry the machine with the assistance of another person. However, the machine MUSTN´T be transported behind the grader tables. They could be damaged, and this isn’t covered by a warranty. At the same time, you can easily transport the machine in a car if you want to use it at the cottage, for example during holidays.

Yes, use without suction is possible. The use of suction is suitable, especially when working in enclosed spaces (workshop, garage). In this case, exhausting will save you a lot of work on cleaning up the shavings and sawdust. At the same time, suction will ensure a higher quality of the treated surface as it removes the shavings from the work area immediately. Otherwise, they can cause fine bruising between the planer roller and the workpiece and in particular for softwoods. For example, when planning a large number of planks (flooring, tiling) you can use the machine without suction. In such a situation it is best to use the machine outdoors – then you can clean the shavings after work more easily.

More than expertise you need an enthusiasm for work and commitment. You will acquire the necessary knowledge during the first projects. We recommend starting with simpler products where you can learn the principles of solid wood processing. Gradually you will find that many things can be done more easily, faster and accurately… It is a process of self-education, which will always make you happy about a well-done job.

Machine tools are devices that require special care when using them. We recommend following these simple rules. Do not work with the machine if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or if you feel tired. Keep the work area clean and always keep things tidy around the machine. Wear tight clothing. Always focus on work. If these recommendations are followed, the risks of injury are almost minimal.

Yes, the machine is completely manufactured in our company in Polička. We can ship most of the parts on the day of ordering. Spare parts order form

Even if we do everything possible to keep our dependence on other devices as small as possible you will certainly use these tools:

Hand or el. saw: for cutting long materials
Chisels: for cutting the mortise, the pin and assisting in assembling parts
Pullers, clamps, braces: for fixing components during glueing

While working, you can create a wide range of tools and fixtures to make your work with wood easier and easier.

The machine has been manufactured in various modifications since 1958. Up to now we have been supplying parts for machines manufactured after 1978. UMDS II is the third major modification of the machine, but many key parts are identical to the previous model. This ensures the availability of parts for owners of older pieces. All further development is conceived concerning the possibility of use with previous models. Since 2011 we have provided a 3-year warranty on the machine from the date of sale, mainly since our own staff is behind the development and production of the machine. We know how and from what material we make the parts.

For now, there are separate supporting rollers (joiner´s drill-stand), which are used for handling longer parts. These adapters will be also applicable to older models too (until 1978 – UMDS 2).

Don’t have any experience with woodworking machines yet, or are you worried about how you can place and assemble the machine? Believe that it is a toy for us. We do know our products in every detail. Forget about your worries and entrust yourself to the care of people who best understand their craft. We offer that we deliver the machine to the destination, perform the installation and provide you with the necessary training for the machine operator. The service is optional and is charged CZK 2990 without VAT – not supported abroad